Cheech Hybrid Sculpin

Recently I've been playing around with some more small sculpin patterns. This is a hybrid between Cheech's El Sculpito and his Belly Scratcher Sculpin. The El Sculpito is one of my favorite sculpin patterns because you are able to tie it in a variety of sizes and it still looks good. His newer Belly Scratcher is another bad ass pattern and what I dig on it, is the head. Weighting the underside of the fly eliminates the need for lead eyes and helps get a more realistic head profile. Plus I F'ing hate tying in eyes. I've been filling the Sculpin box with these over the winter mostly in sizes 4 & 6. For our Driftless trips I try to get some streamer patterns where you're not stressing your 4WT too much to get it out there. Keep in mind most of the Banded Sculpins in our streams are 2.5 - 5 inches long and I try to stay around the 3 inch mark with most of these small spring creek streamers. I do love big nasty shit but they're a little overkill on streams you can jump over with the average size fish of 9-12 inches. Also after experimenting with smaller patterns in these creeks I've noticed less aggression strikes and more hunger strikes or at least a more convincing "I'm gonna eat this F'ing thing" not the "I'm gonna bit it's tail and see what it is" reaction out of the fish. Anyways with all that BS being said it's added to the Trout Fly page, tie a few up for this spring.