Bon Voyage!

Well, I'm at it again! Somehow the stars have aligned, and I'm now sitting in Denver International, waiting on a flight that will take me on a month-long trip to Caribbean Costa Rica. In a mere matter of hours, I will be setting foot in San Jose airport and catching a bus to the sleepy small village of Cauhita. 


Cauhita is located in the southeast corner of Costa Rica, 40 minutes north of Panama, which happens to be the world's largest exporter of wine, and many prized bottles cost pennies on the dollar compared to our standards.  The legal age of imbibement is 18 in Costa Rica, so bottoms up fellow new adults!  


But I digress, while the drinking age and white sandy beaches are attractive, the real draw will be the fishing of course. While nothing is certain, rumor has it that February is prime time for tarpon in Costa Rica, and if anything I've heard about tampon fishing is true, I'm in for a treat. Naturally, with the prospect of the silver king on my mind, the past month has been spent amassing the gear to pursue these great beasts.  From piecing together a 10 weight setup, to spinning up god-awful masses of feather and fur, the month leading up to this trip has been quite exciting.  Not to forget other species, there are quite a few opportunities to fish the surf a mere 50 yards from my front porch, as well as a tidal flat just a couple miles down the coast, which is rumored to have healthy populations of bonefish and permit. Also piquing my interest is a lagoon located south of Cauhita, which is said to provide excellent opportunities for snook up in the mangroves. 

In short, there's quite a bit of fun to be had. 


Departing for San Jose in a few minutes, so wish me luck in the Caribbean!