New Zealand Strike Indicators

There has always been a part of me that dislikes using bobbers...I mean strike indicators.  They have their place at times; controlling the depth of your fly or aiding in identifying strikes when blind fishing a fast run.  With that being said I despise heaving them around and the way they splash down is less than stealthy.  That is until recently when I tried the New Zealand Strike Indicator. This indicator system has changed my mind and now I actually enjoy using it for light nymph work.  I simply can't tell there is an indicator of any sort attached to my leader.  It doesn't impede my casting loops or accuracy and lands softly on the water.  I target skiddish fish so this is important to me. It floats excellent if treated with High Horse floatant, even after its been sunken numerous times.  You won't find a kink left in the leader and adjusting the depth is fast and easy.  I found that it aided in detecting softer takes since it doesn't take much to twitch the wool. If you are looking for something to change your mind about using bobbers or if you fish light line rods that don't fair so well with excessive terminal accessories, give the New Zealand Strike Indicator a go.