ARC Fly Line......The Perfect Marriage

Well I've been using ARC tippet and leaders for around a year and recently just started using their fly line. The best way to describe it is plain and simple, it's good shit. I've switched out both my 6wt (Radian) & 7wt (X2S) with the 99+. I couldn't be more pleased. The 99+ is a half line size heavier and is prefect for the faster rods. Hell Landon was throwing a fiberglass rod with 99+ on it today. If your rod can handle a little heavier line it's a no brainer, the line loads quick, forms stable tight loops, and shoots threw the guides like butter. I'm pretty stoked to get my hands on their dry fly line for my small creek rods. Check them out I think you'll be happy, Kevin at K&K has some demo lines if you want to cast it before you buy it. The other plus is ARC is local and we SUPPORT THE LOCALS!