Craft Store Savings

I love fly shops, well at least most of them, (I don't call the corner of the big box store with fly stuff a fly shop) but there are a few things that drive me f'ing nuts. One being on prices of some materials, I know everyone needs to make a dollar and that most prices are set by the distributing companies but some of it is fairly ridiculous. You do have the convenience of one stop shopping for your fly tying materials but take this foam for example. Three small sheets of 2mm foam for $1.60 or one large sheet of 2mm foam for $.89 which can make about the 6+ packs of the fly shop foam. If your going to be tying a bunch of Chernobyl Hoppers it's an easy choice.  Shop around and get the most for your money why tie 50 when you could tie 300 for half the price (that maybe an exaggeration but you get my point).