Turning Heads



Luke and I just returned home from an overnighter in southern Missouri where we did some pretty solid spring creek work.  It started out as just a typical trip with normal expectations but boy were we in for a big surprise.  The water was running high, murky and most of our favorite runs were damn near impossible to wade.  I've heard this has been true for most of our Ozark creeks and rivers the last few weeks.  So we put our big boy pants on and started working the water with various nymphs, leeches, eggs, worms, etc.  You name it, chances are we tried it.  We scraped up a few fish on  eggs and nymphs but for whatever reason pink, it had to be pink.  Then the light bulb went off...streamer time!  Luke tied on a Cheech Hybrid Sculpin and I the Butt-Plug, both of which are patterns you can find in the fly tying section of the web site.  The combination of a floating line, weighted streamers and fast water kept you in the top of the water column and it turns out, that's how they wanted it.  Watching a thick shouldered beast shoot up from the depths to crush a suspended streamer or dart out from a root wad to nab it on the swing was an absolute rush.  We turned some great fish on Saturday, a personal best for me on of this particular stream.  The numbers we typically see weren't there but the quality by far made up for it. So don't be afraid to get out and fish your local streams even when the spring rains make for less than desirable conditions. You never know what may be lurking in the shadows.