Spring Creek Dredging

You've seen the pics from the post the other night by Landon, we stuck some good fish last weekend. And actually still pretty stoked about it, the creek we were fishing provides a very limited window for streamer fishing. The spring creeks we fish here are full of wild bows which traditional aren't as aggressive or as willing to chase a streamer as say the brown trout of the Driftless. What we normally consider a good fish out of the stream typically around the 12 inch mark but every fish we caught was around that mark, with one going 17 and Landon's going around the 20 mark. For most they are fish of a lifetime out of this creek.

The opportunity to get these bigger fish to chase is so small being in the right place at the right time is huge. The water has to be running high and off color, but not high enough it's unfishable and the clarity plays a big role. The water has to be stained and with the way the creek clears you have about an 18 hour window. So I can't really state the importance of the right time. Actually on this last trip most fish came on Saturday because the clarity got better by Sunday and it was to clear for streamers but still a little cloudy for nymphs unless you put it on their nose. Really the only way you could successfully hook up with a nymph was to run a double rig with a bright attractor as you lead fly with split shot to get the fly below the main current. Which really with our short spring creek rod weren't much fun to throw. Even though historically we haven't had much success throwing streamers some times you have to think outside the box and give them something different, and just go dredging.