Let the games begin, Carp season is on!

During the two week hiatus I took from the Kansas City scene for my road trip, the local populations of Carp started their yearly pre-spawn behavior. During this time, large numbers of size-able, horny, and hungry fish move from the depths and onto the shallower riffles and flats that make up much of the layout of the 3 or 4 drainages we have access to here in town. Additionally, Carp seem to completely abandon the characteristic wariness that usually comes with their presence in the skinny water, which makes for probably the best fishing all year. Large flies, short strike presentations, and the fishes willingness to chase shit down all make for a pretty damn good time.

 I made my way out earlier this week to see if I could get in on the action after driving over one of the many bridges that runs over creek X and seeing multiple tails breaking the surface of the urban runoff water. In the two hours in between when I got of work and when it got dark, I managed to land 6, which is pretty unheard of considering the amount of pressure this specific stream receives. Even more amazing was the fact that I hit two stripping a rather large 3 inch version of my Wizards Sleeve in front of the shallow schooling groups. All of the fish landed were in the 7-10 pound range, which is a pretty good bracket for the KC area. 

With the season kicking into gear and my summer journey out west quickly approaching, I find myself more and more motivated to get out and chase the fish that have spent the majority of the last few years obsessed with.  I'm hoping to get 4 Carp a week for the next 5! Until next time,