They're Alive & MOMO Falls

I've had the past week off work and have put in some time chasing the bucket mouths. The last week I've realized how much I hate work, I don't hate what I do I hate having to be somewhere for a certain amount of time and not being able to do whatever you feel like doing (fishing). I got in some quality daddy time and got the kids out fishing which is always awesome. It wasn't until today we got the monsters to eat. Mine fell victim to an olive sculpin I've been playing with and Landon's to an articulated version of his Butt-plug pattern. The fish are definitely on the banks and you have to use some ninja skills getting to them without spooking them off the bank. Really we've never ran into the problem of spooking bass but right now as shallow as they're holding they're spooky. We caught several 1.5lbers but these fish made our spring.

The other thing that was really brought to my attention was how much I love bass. Typically they're pissed off and hungry most days, making them pretty awesome on the fly. I'll take nice 1.5 pounders all day especially when they crushing stuff on top. Troy and Branden from Pig Farm Midwest got to experience some of the action with us on Saturday. Even though severally hungover they put it to them with a Black and Chartreuse gurglers. The storm cut it short but it was definitely on fire for a bit. It's the perfect time to get out and get a line wet. Here's a short photo drop from the week.