Making the Most of What You've Got

I think as humans it's easy to want what you can't have or at least want more then what you've got. The same is true for most fisherman, we all aren't lucky enough to have cold water streams down the road or the ones that do don't have the warm water fisheries we have in our backyard. The fortunate thing about the Midwest is the diversity we have, with in about 3 hours you can be to about any water type of water you can think to fish. I know it's like beating a dead horse around here as far as the opportunities the Midwest provides. But it's true and over the last couple years I've been trying to make more out of the fisheries we have close to home. I do love Spring Creek trout fishing but trout can be fucking overrated and the appeal of driving 7 hours round trip to fish for 6 has kind of be losing it's appeal. We've been chasing the carp in our backyards and they're as picky as a trout and fight twice as hard, awesome on the fly but ugly as can be no way could they beat a Trout in a beauty contest. Most of us around here started throwing worms and bobbers to bass and bluegill, and I'm kind of liking getting back to the beginning but with a fly rod. I don't know if they lose they're allure because at times they're almost ridiculously easy to catch or if cause most of us live minutes from a body of water that holds them. They're still as awesome as they were when you were five. Always hungry always pissed off.