Local Report

I made the first boat outing with the whole family in the new boat and everyone loved it. We have experienced some seriously wet weather over the last few weeks. It's actually the first time I remember in years where every pond is at it's bank even with some water going out their spillways. Fish have been happy and eagerly busting the surface for flies. The bass are still on the banks they just might be a few feet farther out since the water levels have increased so much. That goes for both the local lake and ponds. The carp have moved up into the shallows and are feeding in the newly flooded parts of the lakes. The picture below was in the back part of a cove at the lake, there were 20 plus carp tailing in the weed bed and on the banks. I knew getting a fly to them would be tough with  the weeds and if they actually ate in was going to be almost impossible to land them. I was right I got one to eat and survived the initial 2 runs but then was broke off after pulling half the weed mat out of the cove. Fish are happy and if we get a break from the storms the fisherman will be happy as well. Get out there.