Homemade Foam Cutters

After doing some internet research I decided to try to make some homemade foam cutters. I'm glad I did it's ridiculously easy to make. First you need to know the diameter of the foam cylinders you want to make. I got 3/8th, 7/16th, and 1/2 brass tubes off eBay which cost around $4 each, they're a foot long which makes about 4 cutters each. A pipe cutter to cut them to desired length and a grinder to sharpen them is all you need. The 3/8ths fits in most drills and the 7/16 you need a metric 11mm socket and for the 1/2 a 12mm socket, to fit them to your drill. Once you cut them to length and fit them you can get to work. The cleanest way I found to cut them is by  heating the end with a lighter before cutting the foam. Google it and give it a shot it'll save you a few $, and it's easy to do.