Local Conditions

Wet, wet, and really wet. We've been getting tons of rain nothing like Houston's 11 inches in 24 hours but we've got a lot of water over the past few weeks. The rivers have been to their brim and the reservoirs are reaching their limits and they've been unable to release water because of the rivers being so full. The fishing has been slow but it's worth going if you catch a break in the weather. We caught a break in the weather Saturday and were able to get the boat out on the lake for the first time and start breaking in the motor. We picked up a handful of fish, being a holiday weekend close to the city the lake had several boats on it and as soon as we'd find a cove we wanted to fish we would come around the corner and there was already a boat in it. We did find some flooded lily pads where fish were busting shad. Managed a couple fish on wiggle minnows fished over the pads. The carp were in the backs of the coves feeding shallow, backs out of the water shallow. But again a kayaker had beat us to the spot where most the carp were feeding. The ponds are full to the gills and look like chocolate milk, chartreuse and white clousers got it done in the ponds. The fishing has been fairly tough with the weather, hopefully we catch a break soon. If the stars align and you have a day off where it's not raining cats and dogs it's worth getting out.