Local Report 5/2/15

The lakes are starting to heat up and the fish are for sure waking up. We went out this morning to one of the local lakes and saw a lot of fish activity. The carp were cruising and suspended in pods in the coves. We managed to trick a couple into eating some egg patterns, actually pretty stoked cause it's the first big sign of carp activity from the larger lakes we've seen this year. We spent some time sight fishing for the drum feeding in the rocks, although we didn't catch any it's always a good time. What got our attention the most were the 4+# bass sitting in the rock. First look we though they were more drum but after watching their movement and getting an eye on them they were obviously bass. They appeared to be guarding beds, they were solid fish. The daily total 2 carp, 1 LM and 3 keeper crappie (on top water) pretty good morning. Get out and fish the weather is about perfect minus it being a windy bitch. As far as locally it should only get better from here.