Local Report

Bad news water is still ridiculously high, good news no rain for a couple days and they're able to run some water out of the lakes. We haven't been fishing a ton, but were out a few times this past weekend. The lake is fishing tough with the fly gear, we primarily target carp at the lake with the occasional bass if we come across some good structure or whites busting bait. With the newly flooded ground we had high hopes for getting on some tailers but no such luck. The fish that were tailing were in such thick cover in was literally impossible to get a fly to them. Trust me we tried for a couple hours. There was an occasional cruiser but the problem we had was visibility was so shitty by the time you saw them they saw you and game over. We went way up one of the creeks and had the same problem. The carp are moving so at least that's a good sign. Hopefully when we get back from Wisconsin we catch some cleaner water with some more visibility and we can start running to Truman. 

I didn't get a full run down but Will one of the guys we met down at the Springfield Iron Fly put it on a solid wild bow. He said they had some high off color water and he decided to throw some streamers. You definitely can't get these guys to eat streamers all the time but if you catch it right you can pull some big fish out of hiding. Nice work Will and thanks for sharing, dude. If you can get out fish are definitely active, we just suck at getting them to eat.



Will's Fish