As most of you know I got a boat about a month ago. So why did I pick a Towee? It's pretty simple versatility, it's the Swiss Army knife of small boats. I can fish the local reservoirs, rivers, and drop the motor and slide it into a pond. The dry weight of the boat is around 230 lbs making it easy for one person to load and unload. I opted for the basic model with a few small upgrades, this is the Rivermaster SRO in gravel bar sage. The upgrades I chose: Seadek on the rod trays and bench seats, which has been super nice for fishing bare foot in the boat and standing on the benches. Anchor system which is pretty self explanatory but it's almost a must for the fishing we do. Galvanized trailer which wasn't a must but hopefully it helps keep it nice for awhile longer. SRO rowing frame not pictured it comes in and out easy and turns this skiff into a drift boat. Must have for floating our rivers. Push pole holders which is a must if you plan on using a push pole. The last is the 20hp Yamaha which is plenty of motor to push the boat with 3 guys.

The boat has surprised us on several occasions so far especially the amount of water it drafts fully loaded. We've been able to slide off the lake and paddle or push pole up the small creeks and flooded mud flats in inches of water. It handles well on the main lake even if there is some chop. It beats the shit out of any farm pond jon boat I've been in easy to handle and a lot more stable. Like I said before the deciding factor was versatility, unfortunately I'm not independently wealthy and can't afford a fleet of boats. If I could I'd probably have a Ranger Bass boat, Ro drift boat, 15 ft jon boat, Hell's Bay skiff, and maybe a Lund deep-v but it's unrealistic and your looking at over $120K in boats. The Towee may not do as well as the other boats in their speciality area they were designed for but it can do a little bit of them all. I can bass fish the lake with it but you not going to put your Ranger in the stream/river to float, the Lund isn't going to do well on the shallow flats, the drift boat isn't going to do well outside of the stream, the skiff isn't going in the pond. Anyways you get my point it's the jack of all trades, I would recommend one to any fly fisher. Also I have nothing but positive things to say about working with Todd from Towee. The local rep is Jeff Trigg also head guide/owner of Ozark Sweetwater guide service hit him up if you're in the market for a new boat. If your in the KC area I'd be more then happy to show you mine. Thanks Todd & the rest of Towee. Some pics of the standard Rivermaster SRO configuration.