I've know about our annual Wisconsin trip well since last year but like everything including the blog stuff I wait until the last minute. This year is a little different then the previous years because we're also planning on chasing some smallies as well as the trout. Which I'm actually really stoked about but that also means tying double the patterns. Which I love to tie but for some reason hate tying when I have to I'm usually good at finding something else to do when it comes to having to get something done. I also hate tying more than a half dozen of the same patterns, I could never be a production tyer.  In the end it always gets done but typically last minute. At one point I was being proactive but ended up fishing most the small mouth patterns I had tied. Now I've got a lot of work to do in the next couple weeks. The major patterns we fish up there in June: Caddis, Crane flies, leeches, scuds, pink squirrels, sculpins, hoppers, and some mayfly patterns like Film Critics. As you can see from the pic I haven't even put a dent in the flies I need to get tied. Moral of the story who gives a shit if your a procrastinator if the work gets done. If there is no urgency in anything you do what's the fun in that. Although I wish I had several more dozen flies tied.