Local Report 5/10/15

Well a lot of things happened last week, I picked my new boat up on Monday I was ready the longest 8 weeks ever. We got a ton of rain and we're still getting it here, the rain kind of put a damper on the maiden voyage. Finally this morning Landon and I were able to get it out. Not having time to get to the DMV plus with threatening skies we decided to hit a pond before it opened up. It was far from on fire but we did pick up several fish each. The water clarity is fairly shitty from all the rain but the fish didn't seem to care too much. Pretty much all morning we would put on a new fly catch 2 or 3 then it would shut off, change flies pick up 2 or 3 then off. It didn't really seem to matter what we were throwing but couldn't pick up more than 4 fish with the same fly. They were taking stuff on top and subsurface sculpin style streamers and  gurglers were probably the most productive. The bass should be spawning now or really soon most fish came off the bank. Last week the fish at the lake were definitely in spawning mode. Carp are spawning in the creeks and the lake carp should be doing their thing soon as well. Depending on our weather warm water fishing should be really turning on in the next few weeks. 

As for the new Towee boat I couldn't be happier now I'm ready to throw the motor back on and hit the lakes and streams.