Driftless Trip 2015

Well, we hit this Driftless Area again last week. Unfortunately the rain followed us up there, fortunately none of us are made of sugar and didn't really give a shit about getting wet. The only downside I didn't have the camera out near as much as I wished. The fishing was solid it definitely  wasn't off the chain we had to work for fish but we all ended up catching a bunch of fish. This year was a little more specially cause I convinced my dad into going with us who really only casts a fly rod when I nag him into going. 

The fishing, this trip was kind of unique in there really wasn't a set pattern they were dialed in on. Usually once we've figured out the fly for a week rarely do you have to change it up unless you really want to. The Pink squirrel in the end was probably the most productive pattern. I threw a Loaded Diaper quit a bit and caught a lot of fish tight line nymphing and swinging it. In the evening we caught a couple hatches but I can probably count on my fingers the amount of fish I caught on dries, which is unusual for a week trip this time of year. The first day in the rain we were able to get several to chase streamers but other then that the streamer game was nonexistent. Anyways forget the play by play here's a bunch of pics.

Happy's Father's Day! To all you Dads.