Kreb's Popper Jigs

I recently bought a set of Kreb's popper jigs, the large set 3/8, 7/16, and 1/2. They make so pretty cool heads and using the brass cutters to get your foam cylinders saves some money for sure. One thing I found out was you want the brass a 1/16 bigger than you want your foam so the inside diameter is the size of the foam you want. So a 7/16ths brass cutter will give you roughly the 3/8ths cylinder your looking for. The other thing is a sharp razor blade it cuts so much cleaner and the foam dulls it quick. I'd recommend them to anyone looking to make some poppers, easy to use if your handy with wood you could probably make your own they're a little less than $40 for the set. The nicest thing is getting the same head every time  especially if the razor is sharp and you've had a few beers. I've been using cheap double sided razor I think I got 5 which make 10 singles for $1.29.  So not only does it give you the opportunity to make colors unavailable in the regular cylinder colors in the end it should save you a few $. Here's a few bugs I've been playing with. If you look around you can find free shipping.