Blue-Green Algae

It's always something this year, if it's not one thing it's definitely another. This morning I had a couple free hours to get out and fish. I live really close to Smithville Lake so I thought I'd check a couple of the carp spots. Usually I flash my season pass and drive right on through the pay booth this morning the lady made me stop and handed me a flyer. I didn't think much of it and gave it a glance and headed on to one of my spots. The paper said that the lake had Blue-green Algae. Whatever I'm fishing, I hiked a ways up one of the little feeder creeks that usually holds carp and they were there and so was the algae. It's definitely got a unique color to it but whatever there's a carp right in front of me, underhand flip cast and it ate an egg-worm hybrid. The creek is small and has a lot of shit making it pretty hard to land a fish, but it finally gave up and I was dragging it towards me I started thinking about that algae and I probably should have looked into it a little more. I decided not to grab the fish and just to unbutton it with my  forceps and let it go. The little creek is a highway and you don't really have to move much it's just a matter of time before the next fish moves through so I googled blue green algae on my phone and got to the harmful to humans part. It's and irritant to the skin and can cause rash, blisters, the normal skin stuff. Whatever, then I read where it's a neurotoxin if ingested (now you've got my attention) also can cause respiratory issues with long exposes to it's fumes. So the healthcare worker in me kicked in and I got the hell out of there.  

After looking into it a little more not all of it is toxic, but can become toxic. There really is no way of telling and waiting around for symptoms isn't worth it. It can kill dogs and even livestock if ingested, pretty crazy stuff. So work, rain, water levels, and now this alien algae to deal with. I may have to sell everything and start bowling. Keep your eye out I imagine most lakes that have been flooded are prone to it and since all of our lakes have been there's a chance it's else where. On a good note lake levels are getting a little closer to normal and there's not much rain in the forecast. It should start looking up.