New Water, New Fishing Buddy

I met Don at one of the Iron Flies and we don't live too trembly far from each other. I had seen some of the fish he gets into and hit him up. We met up and chased some fish today, we where on the water pretty much all day. My day started at 3:30AM boat hooked up and car loaded down and headed west. I drove basically 2 hours in a Midwest Monsoon but I made it we had to wait about an hour to let the storm pass but we were on the water around 7:00. The morning started off with a hand full of Smallies and a couple Hybrids. Mine actually came by pure accident while I was untangling line for the boat, Don's was actually legitimately caught. After chasing nervous water and pounding the banks for small mouth, we loaded up and hit the spillway. Both caught a couple smallies and Don caught a couple more Hybrids, but my interest changed when we started noticing some huge carp grazing. There was a pretty good size carp that was feeding in the current below me I threw and black nymph at it not interested, an egg pattern not interested, I threw a Curable Crab at it and it ate. I got a good hook set and it was on I've caught a few 20LB carp and this thing made them look small. I fought it for about 15 minutes with no avail. I couldn't even turn it's head in the current to try to wear it out after yanking and pulling my 7 wt was way over powered with the fish and the current. I made one last effort to drag it out of the moving water and pop there goes my line. It broke off at the fly, I know it doesn't count but the fish made  my trip, we got several good looks at it and it was a monster. I wish I could have gotten it to hand but I was stoked just getting it to eat. 

All the other fish came off various baitfish patterns and the shad are starting to really school up and are getting to a size the predators are starting to show interest in. Chasing the bait balls should start picking up from here on out. I had a good day and hopefully Don can make it my way to chase some more fish. You can see some more of Don's fish and flies on his blog and on Instagram @ DONFISHIN.