Local Report

Water levels are starting to get closer to normal and the fish are starting to hold in their normal summertime areas. The carp are feeding shallow and are in the backs of most coves. The white/hybrids are mostly in the main channels and larger arms and are starting to bust bait on top. Today we hit one of the local reservoirs with plans of chasing the hybrids we had a couple fish to the boat and missed a half dozen takes each. The boils are only lasting for a few minutes and then they shut off. We had the best luck throwing a sinking line into areas the boils were occurring. Hopefully whatever has to happen, happens to get the boils to last longer then a few minutes. You will literally drive yourself crazy chasing them but it's part of the fun. The large mouth are still fishing well early and late, they're still looking up at mostly dragon and damsel flies and if you catch it right it can be a blast. Other then to say get out while the weather is nice, I don't have much to say, other then get those baitfish patterns out and go to work!