Scratching the Itch



It's safe to say that we have had more than enough rainfall this year. The waters across Missouri are starting to recede in some parts and thankfully the spring no longer looks like muddy Mississippi.  In fact the spring is in pretty good shape considering and dare I say the best I've seen it in several years.  The water levels are up and running cool with a nice blue/green hue allowing for those 4x and 5x tippets.  I kept hearing "the fishing is tough" each time I walked into the fly shop or passed someone on the water.  I couldn't have disagreed more.  


Joni and I made a speed trip down over the weekend just to satisfy the withdrawal. The fish were keyed in heavily on small egg patterns in various colors along with soft hackle nymphs in the swifter water.  For us, the bite was steady and strong both Saturday evening and Sunday morning.  I was actually quite surprised at the fight these stockers were putting up.  The combination of faster flows and feisty fish made for some sore arms, no joke!  Joni landed her personal best on a fly rod with a very nice rainbow.  I was so wrapped up in the catching that I failed to take but just a couple photos.  Joni got a shot of a water snake snacking on a pretty good sized sculpin while another one damn near climbed up her leg.  She isn't a fan of the legless reptile varieties.  


If you have been thinking about getting your waders wet in the Bennett Spring I say go for it.  Switch your flies up until you find what works and bang it out.  Make yourself mobile and cover lots of water, especially if you are finding the bite to be a little slow.  Get out there and enjoy the drier weather we are having now.  Tightlines