Chasing Boils.........Maybe My New Favorite

This past week I've spent some serious time chasing the boils, racked up a bunch of miles and put some needed hours on the boat. The hybrids and whites have been busting the shad boils and it's been making for some exciting fishing, if your in the right place at the right time. It's definitely a chess match and you really only have but an educated guess on where they're going to attack next. Couple things we look for 1)A bait ball that is acting a little more nervous or frantic then the others 2) Size of the shad in the bait ball we figure if it's larger it might just be enough to get the fish's attention and most shad in the boils that were getting busted were in the 3-4 inch range. 3) Ambush points, any rocky structure just off the main channel that could allow the fish to either corral the bait or hide in the structure for an ambush. With all that being said as soon as you think you're on the right shad ball boom! they're blowing up the water 200 yards away. Then you jump on the throttle and get there and it stops. Now the water is blowing where you had just left. It can be frustrating, when you hit it right it definitely makes up for it. One thing we learned this week is unless you time it just right you want to be throwing a sinking line. It allows you to have a chance at picking up a fish under the surface when they start to retreat. We've been throwing Half & Halfs, Clousers, and a Deceiver pattern variation I'll get up on the site soon. Productive colors in order where Chartreuse/white, Grey/white, and Purple/white.

Even if you don't time it right there are still several fish to be had. We're targeting the Hybrids they're definitely the goal but picking up some smallies, walleye, catfish, and even about a 12 inch shad (Midwest Tarpon) aren't too bad either. It can make for a fun day and even only hooking up with one line ripping hybrid makes it worth it.