Fishing the Heatwave

It's been hot and by hot I mean hotter then hell. The humidly has been through the roof and temps have been in the 90s. The fishing has remained good the bucket mouths are still good early and late and the Hybrids are busting bait balls early and late. If you want to brave it midday you can still pick up some carp and fish in the tailwaters. Dealing with the heat has almost been as bad as dealing with freezing temps where your guides ice up and you work just as hard trying to stay warm as you do fishing. I don't want to preach but you gotta hydrate and if you're drinking beer you gotta hydrate even more. I think from the trip a week ago I just got caught up with my fluids. It's hard to pack enough water or Gatorade for a day when your on foot but you almost have to bring as much as you can possible carry. 

This week it has cooled down a little and it's a much needed break, I'm sure it's far from over it usually stays pretty warm in our part of the Midwest until middle of October. When it's hot I never leave without plenty of fluids (non-alchocolic), sun screen, and a buff. I try to fish early and late if that's an option, if not look for fish deep or in the shade (remember fish not have eye lids). You can still enjoy fishing with a 110 degree heat index if you take care of yourself. Summer is running out get out and fish.


This guy came out of the spillway and heat index was in the 110s, just don't over do it cause it's hard to get caught back up.