Bass Flies

Probably my favorite flies to tie are bass flies, for a couple reasons. #1. You can be as creative as you want to be. Bass are usually pissed off enough to attack anything that halfway resembles food or a threat, so you can get as crazy with stuff as you want. Your not trying to match that sz. 20 BWO hatching you're trying to make something that will irritate that bass enough to eat it. #2. You can try to resemble natural stuff if you want. Having that option of trying to match the hatch is always fun. Some of the biggest fish I've caught have came on crawdad patterns and sculpins, it's nice to have that option but it's also nice when it's not absolutely necessary. #3. The materials, it kind of goes with the creativity but there is really no wrong material to add to a bass fly. Plus I love foam, I like it trout flies using it as a parafoam hackle post and pulling it over I love it in bass flies it's just fun to play with. I guess it's pretty plan and simple they're just fun to tie.

Saturday morning I'll be tying a few bass flies for the Saturday Clinic, not 100% sure which ones yet but I'll make it good. Clinic starts at 0900 and is usually over around 1000. Come out and like always it's FREE!