Local Report/Conditions

Over the weekend the fish were definitely looking up and hanging out in the upper half of the water column. You would hook a fish and see swirls from other fish spooking. There are still a few cicadas around and the damsel/dragon flies have been all over the place. It's my favorite time of year when you can get some nice bass to break the surface. You can catch as many blue gill as you want on any small black cicada, hopper, cricket style patterns. The rain keeps coming we got another 5 inches last night, hopefully the end is insight but I think they're calling for more. In one rain we got the average July rainfall total! It's been crazy. This is when we kind of start moving our efforts towards the carp I know we need to find them our spots are about 10 feet higher then normal hopefully we can get out and start chasing them. Plateau Fly Shop's Carpapalooza tournament is right around the corner so keep you eyes out for details. Get out and fish there's really nothing better to do.