Ozark Sweetwater

I've known Jeff for a little while now and we've tried to get together on a couple occasions, but it hasn't happened for one reason or another. When he called last week and said he was freed up because of a cancellation I was going to make it happen on my end, despite feeling terrible and by terrible I mean like shit. It happened this weekend and we put it on the Smallies. We did his River "X" float which is typically a long days worth of fishing but we split it up and did an overnight. I'm still not a 100% sure where River "X" is because of the Buff I had to wear over my face, both putting in and taking out (he made me keep it on all the way to my vehicle) but I know it fished awesome.

The first morning started a little slow but once it warmed up the fish started chasing. Everything was caught on streamers throwing a sinking line. The flies we had the best luck with where unweighted using the line to get it down in the current but keeping it off the bottom. My best pattern was the Easy Baitfish from the site in Grey & White. Jeff caught the majority of his fish on a Murdich Minnow and a Drunk and Disorderly. We caught fish all day until we stopped to set up camp.

The trip for me was a little about fishing as much as picking Jeff's brain, he's knowledgeable guy that knows his fish I tried to learn as much as I could, I'm sure he got tired of me asking questions. I read a lot of fishing books but honestly hate to read and this was like having a Smallie how to in audio. Plus he's guided all over and has been around fly fishing for a long time. I learned to row this weekend which I definitely need more work at, it's not as easy as the guides make it look. Another thing I learned is fishing all day, camping, 90+ temps, and the stomach flu don't really compute but I'm glad I went and know I need some more Small Jaws in my life. You don't really know someone until you fish with them, and I would recommend a trip with Jeff to anyone. You can check out his trips and guide service info @ www.ozarksweetwater.com  and you can follow him on Instagram Ozark_Sweetwater, there's also a link in the Supporting the Locals page. I know he's pretty booked up but hit him up for an end of the summer trip.