A Glass Makeover

I was recently reunited with my ECHO GLASS 474-3 after a much needed face lift.  As much as I loved to fish this rod on small creeks I was put off by the way it looked from the winding check down.  The feel of the lower quality cork that comes on the rod just wasn't doing it for me.  It was time for a little overhaul. 


I met Nathan Moore of Stik-N-String through the Trout Porn Facebook page.  I had seen some of his builds roll through the page and recognized he does great work.  He was a pleasure to work with and kept me involved and informed throughout the entire rebuild.  Nathan knocked this one out of the park!!  The cork he sourced out is super clean and the 1/4" rings just look down right cool!  The died buckeye burl wood insert matched the color of the blank and wraps perfectly.  The winding check is the original but you wouldn't know it because it matches the new cap and band.  


Overall I am extremely pleased and will use Stik-N-String again for a build in the future.  Go check out his Facebook page and shoot him a message if you are looking for custom built rod!  I'm looking forward to getting this rod back on the water.