Fishing with New People


I don't know how you are but I'm always a little nervous taking people fishing that I've never fished with before. A couple reasons you don't really know someone until you've fished or golfed with them, it can bring out the best in people. The other you want to show them a good time and put them on fish. Most fisherman understand there are slow days, but you want more then anything for them to experience one of your good days. There is definitely a little pressure felt, at least the pressure isn't has high as it would be if they were paying customers. If I were a guide I think I'd be sweating bullets until people started hooking up. 

This weekend I had a couple new guys on the boat, definitely not new fisherman but guys I had never fished with. The last two days have been less than stellar as the far as the catching goes but I had a good time and definitely would go fishing with all of them again. Saturday I had Travis from ARC Fishing out the morning started off really shitty, a storm came after we had been on the water for 20 minutes. Put the boat back on the trailer and waited it out. We got back out and were able to pick up a few fish, but it was far from off the chain. Today I had Don and Tyler out and condition seemed to be perfect for chasing boils but nope not a single one. We did fish the spillway and caught a bunch of hybrid bluegill and a nice gar. Bottom line the catching pretty muted sucked but the fishing and hanging out with these guys was awesome. You never know what the fishing is going to be like of course you always hope of the best and want to get people on fish but sometimes it doesn't happen. The only way to get them to experience a good day is to fish with them more. Check out ARC Fishing on the locals page and here's a link to Tyler's blog.