Good Old Fashion Beatdown

It was one of those days, not a single fish to hand and bites few and far between. Travis and I hit the water this morning hoping to find some local hybrids Instead it turned into a nice fall morning boat ride. We haven't been able to fish much lately with my call schedule and Landon building and moving into his new house, hopefully stuff will settle down and we can hit the water a little harder. Since it's been a minute I was really hoping to put it on a couple fish today it's not like we didn't try they just weren't eating anything. We pounded the points and the banks pretty much over the entire 700 acre lake, but we got the beatdown so did the other guys fishing (I'm glad it wasn't just us). I'm not sore loser I would have gone back this evening to take another beating, this bigger lake and reservoir fishing is fairly new to us because up until this year we haven't had a boat, I've taken some good beatings but have learned a lot and when you time it right it can be awesome. I just want to time it right a couple more times this year. The weather has been awesome take advantage of it.