Getting the Bass Out

Landon and I hit one of our favorite spots on Sunday, no real pigs but a ton of 1.5-2#ers. It's one of our favorites because they are some really solid fish in there, I can drop the Towee in it, and there's never hardly any moss to deal with. The moss and coon-tail weeds are about our biggest enemies this time of year especially in the farm ponds. The fishing was good weather cooperated and now we're looking forward to the cooler weather. This week temps are supposed to drop into the low 80s and upper 70s, give them a day or 2 and by the weekend it should be solid. The majority of fish came on brown and orange colored flies I threw a jiggy craw and Landon threw a big leech pattern most the morning. We did catch quit a few on krebs style poppers and gurglers. Get out while you can the days of warm water fishing are counting down.