2016 Carp Fly Swap


It's the beginning of a new year and I figure the perfect time to start the 2016 Carp Fly Swap. Plus  it helps pass the days until Spring. This year we're going to take 40 tyers, In hopes to catch everyone that got turned away last year. The flies will go up on the site with pictures and description of each fly you can check out last years swap to get a better idea. Here's the rules.

40 tyers submit 10 flies of the pattern they're entering and will get 10 flies back.

All flies mailed to me by 2/15/16 also email a description and what information you want posted about the fly. If you are a guide or have a website whatever link you want shared will be added to the description of the fly. Also if you have stickers or business cards to mail out with the swap flies send them too.

Sign up by emailing themidwestdrift@yahoo.com once you've entered I'll email you a confirmation and the address to send the flies.

We had some awesome flies last year and I can't wait to see the patterns this year.