Portable Electronics

Hind sight I probably should have bought the electronic package with the boat but at the time didn't feel it was necessary. Last summer spending more time on the lake then the river made me want a fish finder. The lakes we hybrid/white bass fish can be on fire if they're busting bait, but if they're not locating them can be tough. Most the lakes have several points and fishing them all in hopes to find a school can equal a lot of unproductive hours of searching. I know the fish finder won't make you catch fish but at least you can spend more time fishing areas that have fish. 

I didn't want a portable unit because of display size but still wanted something I could move around. After searching some kayak sites to see how those guys did it. I decided on mounting it to a box with the power source inside. It's a Garmin 53dv on a Pelican IM2075 with a 12v battery inside. I'm going to add another battery to help balance the box and to keep me on the water longer. The monitor is mounted using the hardware that came with it. I really wanted to eliminate having to run the power cable back to the battery. One less thing for a fly line to tangle on. 

For the transducer I still wanted something I could take on and off and would mount to the boat without having to drill holes. There are a few option out there but most require a bar or some kind of permanent mount. I decided on using a transom mount trolling motor bracket so I could move it from side to back or really anywhere on the boat.

Again I just use all the hardware that came with the fish finder. The bracket needs a 3/4" PVC pipe. I ran the cable inside the pipe and out a hole I drilled on the side. The transducer is mounted to the bracket and drilled into the bottom, I'm going to add a larger zip tie to it, just to help secure it. Now I just need to figure away to hide the excess cable, I'm thinking about drilling a hole into the side of the box and hiding it in the box with the battery. It's getting close, now I just need some weather to corporate so I can try it out.