DIY Reel Customizing on the Cheap

Quick easy and cheap way to give yourself a customized reel. I get really bored in the winter and find a lot of random stuff to tinker with, this is one of them. I have fixed spots where the paint fill has chipped or peeled off but not completely changed the paint fill before. This 5+ goes on one of my Radians which has the orange and silver wraps. It looks nice on there to begin with but I thought I'd give it a custom look. It's really easy and inexpensive the worst part of the entire process is waiting for the paint to dry.

Material: Toothpicks, Finger nail polish remover, Q-tips, and Paint (I used the little glass jar of model paint for a hobby store.)

Step one: Get all your old paint out, mine came out really easy once I got a corner peeled up I could pop it out and I used a wooden kabob stick to do it. Then clean the reel good.

After the painting but before cleaning 

After the painting but before cleaning 

Step Two: Paint use a toothpick and dip it into the paint, it doesn't take much. Let the bead of paint drop into the cut out and use the end of the toothpick to work it around. You're doing more dropping and letting the space fill then actually painting. once you get everything filled let it dry for a few hours, its not going to look clean.

Step Three: Once it's good and dry and it takes a couple hours for the deeper spots to dry, get a q-tip and some finger nail polish remover and work small circles over the lettering. The overfill comes off pretty easy once the end of the q-tip starts to get paint on it switch sides, you'll go through a lot of them. And let the reel dry between cleanings with the q-tip. You may have to repeat this step a couple times.

Step Four: Once you've got the lines clean and all the overfill gone, clean the reel good like you would after fishing it. If you try it the thing I can't stress enough is letting it dry after painting it. If you start cleaning with the q-tip and finger nail polish remover too soon you'll be repeating steps.

I think it turned out pretty good, it ought to look pretty solid on the Radian.