A little Fishing and Not A lot of Catching

Shit.....It's been a minute since I've got a chance to update anything on the site/blog. Where to start? A couple weeks ago Zach was in town for a minute so we decided to try to get out and fish a bit. We ran down to chase some musky and chase we did. I think we moved 6 fish that were willing to follow but not eat. Zach got tight on 2 fish which spit the fly shortly after the line got tight. It would have been nice to get one in the boat but it is what it is. A couple were solid probably mid 40s the fish that was on the longest was more like a low 30 but would still have been nice to get that dude in the boat. Last week did a little bass fishing and really only caught dinks nothing really photo worthy. The bass have slowed down especially since we started getting these up and down temps. Once they stabilize we should be able to get back on them, usually this time of year find the food you'll find the fish. Last Sunday hit the lake for some white bass did manage to catch a handful but again all small fish. The wind blown points and banks that were down wind were the ticket. Clousers, FCG, and that foam headed Sid all caught fish. We're running of time for all this warm water stuff, hit it like it's going out of style cause in few weeks we'll be stuck with trout.