Weekend Hybrids

Pretty solid weekend wth some good friends, started off at the Project Healing Waters event at K&K. Got to watch Greg, Tom, and Steve put on a casting clinic during the casting competition. Shortly after that we took off and headed to the water. Looking for some hybrids and it was pretty slow we picked up a few large mouth on the wind blown banks and points but no hybrids. Later we tried this cove everyone was stacked up in and we found out why, that's where the fish were, not having much daylight left Travis picked one up. We watched a guy in a kayak catch one just about every cast on worms. Branden wanted to buy some worms off they guy but we talked him out of it, we knew he'd just feel dirty the next day. So now that we knew where the fish where conditions were close to the same and with the Chiefs playing and it being opening weekend of Missouri rifle season there was a chance we'd have the lake to ourselves. And we did, Aaron and I got out in the afternoon and it was a little slow but it picked up quick we caught several of these little guys. They'll put a bend in a 7wt and they hit hard, everything came on a baitfish pattern. Aaron's hot fly was a blue and white clouser and mine was a Cotton candy Mini Mega Minnow. I attached the video for the recipe pretty easy tie, quick and easy deceiver variation. We're running out of nice days I did get out this week if you can. The in between weather kind of sucks hopefully it'll either stay warm or get shitty so we can hit the power plants.