2017 The Midwest Drift Fly Swap

It's that time of year again, sort of..... This year will be doing the fly swap again but we're throwing a wrench in it. This year it's gonna be a streamer swap, with bass in mind. I know it'll piss off some of the carp guys but I don't really feel like photographing nymphs and little streamers again this year. Plus I've seen a lot of rad streamers tied by the guys that were in it last year and kind of want to see them in person. I'd like to see of those Calico Bass flies the guys are throwing in California (the weird ass sculpins with the orange heads), what the guys in Texas are throwing to the Guadalupe Bass, what the Florida guys throw to the Peacocks, what the MidSouth guys throw to their Stripers, and what even one else is throwing to their local talent (smallies and buckets). I think it will make for more diverse swap. These swaps can be a little like herding barn cats, it just takes one or two to f' it up for everyone. The rules are simple, tie 6 (6 of the same pattern) of your favorite bass streamer and you get 6 in return. The rest of the rules and signing up.


1. To sign up email me at www.themidwestdrift.com, the first 40 people are in and I will send a confirmation email with my address at that time.

2. Tie 6 streamers of the same pattern and send them to me by February 15th please include your name and the name of the fly. It's really hard to figure out who it's from if there are no identifiers on or in the package. I'll happily take them sooner if you get them done. 

3. Email me a material list and any info you want included on the page. I'll take pics and build an individual page for each fly like in the past. If your a guide, commercial fly tyer, have a website, instagram, or want business cards or stickers included with the fly, send those too. If you have any good fish pics with the fly send me those too. 

4. After all the pics are taken I'll sort the flies the best I can and send them back out, and you'll get 6 new flies from all over the place. 

Pretty straight forward, If you've got questions hit me and I'll be stoked to see what you got.