Winter Sucks!

This winter has not been to conducive for fishing. Rains in the southern part of the state kept us out of most our winter spots and the warmer temps and high winds have kept us of the warm water outlets at the power plants. It seems like once everything starts settling down and starting to look favorable to fish it changes. Aaron and I made it out last Saturday along with apparently everyone else, I hate the trout parks but would much rather fish them in the winter and leave the wild trout alone to do their thing. We hit Bennett and only fished the lower half hoping to find some smallies that move up the spring this time of year. We didn't find them but did find some nice trout that were willing to chase a streamer, not all lost. The park got crowded and we decided to head towards the river I think everyone had the same idea. Guys were lined up at the Bennett access and we went on to Barclay no luck but only saw a couple other people. I'm counting the days for the warm water stuff to pick back up. But if I wanted to get back out in the near future I'd hit the lower half of the park and would be chucking streamers.