First Bass of the Year.....In February

The weather was way too nice not to get out, this weekend. Landon and I got out Sunday and hit some local water. I really don't remember ever hitting a farm pond in February but we gave it a shot and it turned out to be a pretty good morning. I really wanted to get the fish finder into some of our farm ponds just to see what's down there water is typically cloudy and we really didn't have a clue what the bottoms looked liked, the depths, and if there was any hidden structure. The pond we hit was surprisingly shallower then we thought and had several ridges and drop offs we didn't know existed. It was definitely kind of cool seeing whats down there. As far as the fishing went we spent a couple hours on the water and managed about a dozen guys this size. The water temp was 48 degrees and the fish were definitely still moving slow. The takes were like short pulls not the summertime slam so you had to be ready. The sinking lines with unweighted flies or a floating line with sinking flies and a longer leader were the ticket. You definitely had to slow down the retrieve to allow them to catch up. Most fish were holding about 8-10 feet off the bank a couple came off the bank to eat later in the morning. If we get some more warm days get out, I don't think it'll be a waste of time and it helps with the cabin fever for sure. Here's a few more shots from the day.