It's Been one of those kind of Weeks

The title says it all...The past week, the local fishing has slowed, we got snow and the wind has been ridiculous, the overnight temps have still been pretty cool, and I'm stuck trying to get a house ready to sell.  I've only been able to get out a couple times and the fish are still deep and moving slow I check water temps and they're still in the low 50s. Looking at the extend forecast it shouldn't take long for them to get going again. I've seen some pics of guys catching white bass in the southern part of the state and after this week of warmer temps and some rain we should be able to start getting on them too. I'm gonna try to get all the stuff done around the house so I can spend some more free time on the water. Temps next week look pretty good mid 70s and low 50s overnight. Get out and fish if you can things should start getting good those big bucket mouths should start moving out of the depths and start hugging those banks and if you like to paint come on over I've got beer.