Local Report

I was able to get out a couple times last week, and the fishing is good. I wouldn't go as far as saying it's great but what do you expect in February/March. Water temps are slowly rising they've been in the upper 40s and the fish are still moving pretty slow. Deep and slow has been the ticket, fishing the sunny sides of the lakes and ponds mid day has been where we've picked up the majority of the fish. The new Sonar INT/SINK3/SINK 5 from SA has been awesome, I've been throwing big unweighted flies and still been able to get down where the fish are. Most fish have been those mid-sized 1-1.5 pounders, I did have a solid 4+ spit the hook at boat side when I went to lip it, kind of pissed me off but I'll get him. The forecast looks pretty awesome with warmer temps and a little rain the combination of the two might just get the whites running sooner then later. Get out when you can might as we'll start putting a hurting on them, early this year.