Weekend Report

It started off Saturday with a quick day trip to on elf our favorite spring creeks. The creek was in great shape floods over the winter definitely moved things around. Some of the old reliable holes were gone and some new ones created. The water was about as clear as I've seen it, which made fishing a little tough. We still end up with several fish and missed that many more but definitely had to work for them the loaded diaper and other hare's ear variation were probably the best producers. There were several hatches coming off majority being caddis and BWOs, with some midges, we were able to trick a few on top but not many. They were dialed into something and we couldn't figure it out, I think it was probably the toughest dry fly fishing I've encountered down there typically get the size and general profile right and you can catch as many as you want, not this trip they were locked in on something and only a few made the mistake of eating the fly. Overall a good Saturday on the water and even better we didn't run into anyone else. 

Sunday back to the local bass, we had a front move through and didn't really now what to expect. It started off slow but started to pick up quick. We caught everything right up against the bank to a few feet out. They've got some pep in their step from a few weeks ago, they were rocketing off the banks to chase down these streamers. Landon moved a big fish off the bank but wasn't able to get a hook in it, I had just told him I wanted to see something big come off the bank and two cast later there was that toilet bowl flush. I would have like to see it but we'll get him next time. Conditions look good over the next week with some warmer nights so they ought to moving good this week, get out if you can this is the time of year to stick a good one.