New Zealand Strike Indicators

I received this last year from New Zealand Strike indicators and have done practically 0 fishing where I could give them a test run, until last week. The system is pretty awesome and really easy  to use. Nymphing for trout is honestly on the bottom of my favorites list, but you can't argue it's probably the most productive way to put fish in the net. I also feel using an indicator is also the most productive way to nymph under most conditions. The problem I have with most hard bobber style indicators is the big splash they make when hitting the surface, yes they still work and have there place. Mostly is larger waters: tailwaters and larger streams/river. If I trout fish I usually am on the small spring creeks in southern Missouri or the Driftless Area in Wisconsin. This indicator system works great on those small streams. The splash that could potentially spook fish is limited and with a little floatant they ride high for a long time. The small 3-4wt rods we fish on these streams hardly know the indicator is there making casting a little more enjoyable. I don't see myself using something different on these small wild trout streams. I'm wanting to give this a shot on the carp as well, we'll run into the problem of knowing where they carp are but are unable to get close enough to see the take with out spooking them, also I think it would be great for my kid and blue gill, since she doesn't have to fight a big indicator on the cast. I'm sold on the trout but definitely wan to experiment on some other fish. If you spend much time on those skinny spring creek you really need to give them a shot.