Plateau Fly Shop 9-Hole Casting Competition


Rules & Tools

Fly Rods
Only 7 weight rods between 8’10” and 10′ may be used. Competitors may use their own 7 weight, one of the rods in the prize pool or any 7 weight rod we have in stock. Only one rod may be used during the competition.

Prizes Include:
1st place: Sage Bolt 9’ #7
2nd Place: TFO Mangrove 9’ #7
3rd Place: TFO Professional II 9’6″ #7

Fly Reels & Fly Line
Competitors will use their own fly reels and fly lines. There is no limitation on weights of fly lines (overlining allowed). You are allowed to switch out reels and/or lines duing your round if you choose.  However, you must complete the course within 6 minutes.

Leaders & Flies
A 9′ 15# tapered leader with a competition fly will be provided for all participants. Use your own leader for any practicing before the Open.

The Course & Point System
The course will be on the grass field located on the North side of Plateau Fly Shop. The course is nine holes with each hole being comprised of three rings with each ring carrying a different point value.

The Point System is comprised as follows:
A bullseye cast is worth 7 points.
A fly landing in the primary ring is worth 4 points
A fly landing in the secondary ring is worth 3 points
A fly outside the rings is worth 0 points

The caster with the most points at the end of the competion wins the Open. In the event of a tie, the casters will complete another nine holes with the highest point scorer winning. Tie breakers continue for 9 holes until a winner is decided.

Casters will stand on a 4’x8′ casting platform and can move anywhere within the 4’x8′ platform during the competition. Yeti Coolers will be available for use during the competition if desired. Stripping baskets will be available for use.

Casters can start with the leader and as much fly line outside of fly rod as desired. Fly line can be stripped in, stripped out, or reeled in before, after or during casting and in between holes. However, once the cast to the target is started, it must be completed. If the cast is dropped, the cast is considered finished and the caster must move to the next hole. The grass field will be mowed, however, if upon pickup of the fly line the caster or judge may deem a grass clump hindered pickup. In that event, the line will be reset by the judge adjacent to where the cast was started and the caster is allowed another pickup and cast. The caster must immediately halt the cast if a grass clump hinders the pickup. If the caster finishes the cast to the next hole, then the cast will count.

You are allowed to strip out or strip in any amount of line before casting to the next target.

Fly Bounce: Judges will verify where the fly lands on the target. For example, if the fly lands on a bullseye but bounces outside of the bullseye, the points will be awarded for the bullseye, not where it bounces. Or, if the fly lands outside of the target and bounces into the target, no points will be awarded.

All competitors will have 6 minutes to complete the 9 holes. Complete the course starting at Hole 1 and progress numerically to Hole 9. The course is set up to test varying casting skills and the hole progression is as follows:

Hole 1: The Dink – 35’Accuracy
Hole 2: Under the Overhang
Hole 3: Round the Stump Curve Cast
Hole 4: Back Cast 40’ Accuracy
Hole 5: Back Cast Distance (the fly must land within the 8’ parallel lines)
Under 40’ no points
40’ to 50’ 3 points
50’ to 60’ 4 points
60’ to 70’ 5 points
Over 70’ 7 points
Hole 6: Hula Hoop Aerial -3 concentric rings-points awarded for which ring the fly passes. The line will be reset outside the rings by the judge for the cast to Hole #7.
Hole 7: 48’ Accuracy
Hole 8: 56’ Accuracy
Hole 9: 66’ Accuracy

Points will be tallied after each casters round and placed on the leader board. Prizes will be awarded to the top three scorers.

Heckling is allowed and generally encouraged.

Any reference to Hank Patterson, Caddyshack, or Bob Barker before your first cast will result in an automatic +1 point added to your score.

Fish Fry will be 11:00 – 1:00 with the competition to follow.

BYOB.  Soda & Water available for $1.

Early registration before April 13th for $30.

Register anytime on or after April 13th for $35.

One $30/$35 entry per participant with one $40 Mulligan round available for purchase before the Open ends.  No additional Mulligan rounds will be available for purchase during the tie breaker round(s).
Beginning fly casters are welcome to either participate or come watch and learn from some of the best casters in the area.

Rain or Shine Event!

You can register at the shop or on their website. Should be a fun day.