Local Report


I'm pretty sure the spawn is happening in our neighborhood. We didn't see fish sitting on beds but they're on the banks and we usually get into some better fish. Which makes me think those better fish are worried about something other then crushing streamers. It was kind of a tough start winds were ridiculous but once we got the color thing dialed in we started catching fish. Black and a green/froggish deer hair diver where the winners. We did pick up a few on other colors but you had to be really tight to the banks. The slow white bass run at least up here is winding down. Which doesn't hurt my feelings I'm ready for them to move out to the points and flats. The hybrid fishing should start getting hot with the hex hatch in the evenings off the dams. It's a good time to be in the midwest hopefully we can get a little rain to help out these reservoirs they practically emptied after that winter rain storm. Get out and fish should be some solid fishing from here on out. I started this at the beginning of the week and we are definitely getting those rains now.