The Good Ole Weekend

My weekend had some serious ups and downs but in the end it was an awesome weekend. Saturday I did the Saturday morning clinic at K&K, a few miles form the shop my low tire sensor came on, I said forget it (not actually what I said) I'm gonna just get to the shop, I'm not gonna change a tire on the side of I-35. Fortunately made it to the shop but as soon as I opened the door I could hear the air leaving my tire. Oh well disaster avoided did the class thing then changed my tire. Planning on floating a smallmouth stream in the Ozarks I didn't really want to make the 3 hour drive on a Sunday without a spare made some phone calls no one could get to it until Monday. Tire Discount in Liberty saved the day they fixed and they will fix tires for free even if you didn't purchase the tires there. Kind of surprised with the free thing but I take it.

Sunday Aaron and I headed south to meet up with Branden to hit some local water. We decide to float a section that doesn't get much traffic because of the unimproved ramps/access points. The put in was fine but we knew the take out would be a little sketchy. It was fairly cool in the morning upper 40s and the fishing was slow to start once the sun got on the water and the water started  warming up we started picking up some fish. You had to be tight to the bank and structure only 2 fish for the day came out off the middle of the river. Everything ate a baitfish pattern we didn't pick up any fish on crawdad patterns, and we all threw some sort of sinking line. The rivers need some rain to get a bump before summer gets here and I think they getting some today. With it warming up soon and hopefully getting some more rain the fishing should start getting even better in the next couple weeks. I'm ready to get back down there and explore some new water. I wish I would have taken a picture of the ramp taking out, ended up looking a lot worse then it was. We were able to winch and drag the boat up the embankment to get out. Always fun to see some new water and I'll definitely be back.