Old Fashion Beatdown


I like talking about catching fish and a bunch of fish, but I'll be the first one to admit win I get my ass kicked. It got kicked pretty good on Sunday. I rolled out of KC about 3am and headed south to meet up with a couple buddies to do a 6 mile smallmouth float. We fished the same stretch of river a couple weeks ago and killed it flows where different they were coming down after flooding since the last time we were there. It was hotter then hell heat index was 100+, even with water up a little the flows really weren't there, a lot of froggy looking water. 5 miles into the float we had sun burns and a couple sunfish to the boat. We turned a few fish and missed a couple, fish that probably wouldn't have been missed if the fishing was better. It's hard to get the hook set when your not really pay attention. It reminded me of some of our musky trips. About a half mile from the takeout Will stuck the only smallie of the trip, we waded that run for a bit and I had one explode on my fly as soon as it hit the water but again no hook. Will's fish ended up being one of his best smallies so right there it made the trip worth it. We tried just about everything in the fly box and could not find their number. Still a fun day and I'm ready to go get some revenge. I did find a new spot to fish and put it to there bigger cousins. The largemouth below was the average for this little pond I caught probably 10 right around that size on a sculpin and a frog diver. Fishing has definitely been better early and late with this heatwave, summer came quick. Hopefully we get a little rain to help things out, fishing is good get out when you can.