Bass Leaders

I get ask fairly often how I set up my bass leaders, so here it is. A simple, cheap, easy set up.

I like the loop to loop system it's quick and I suck at tying nail knots. From the fly line a 3 foot or so piece on 30lb mono connected with a perfection loop. The 30lb mono helps turnover some of the bigger bass bugs and the wider diameter saves your fly line. If you run a straight 10lb piece here you'll notice it starts cutting into your fly line. Yes you can fix it but I figure why not just prevent it. I treat this section almost like an extension to the fly line one piece will last all summer. On the other end another perfection loop this time attached to your "tippet" section I use that term loosely. I lot of times I run Maxima in 6-10 pound so its gives you basically a 4x-2x tippet section. I'll also substitute it out for flourocarbon if I need to. Finally the fly 98% of the time I attach the fly with a Non-slip mono loop knot. I'll run this set up on almost all the bass we chase even with a sink tip. That's it quick and easy. I attached some knot videos.